We recommend that our clients watch this video prior to their scheduled review, to provide context for how to think about the upcoming year and to prepare for the meeting.  While this interview provides a good background for the global macroeconomic situation, it is not specific financial advice.   We can only provide financial advice to our clients, with whom we have an intimate understanding of their circumstances –  hence our personal Whole Advisor approach including our periodic reviews with each of you.

This was recorded on Friday, May 1st, 2022 with our Capital Market Strategist, Doug Wilde, after a week of volatile up-and-down market swings (primary market indices were up over 3% and down over 3% in successive days), this interview happens in the middle of earnings reports from the large technology companies.   By the end of this day, Amazon was down 14% on their first decline in quarterly earnings in many years.   Please keep in mind that, depending on when you watch the interview, economic conditions may have changed.