Our Whole Wealth System™ helps make your dreams a reality...

What We Do
The 5 Forms of Wealth
Whole Wealth System

What We Do

We cultivate and nurture your money and other forms of wealth to help you fulfill your life’s purpose and leave a meaningful legacy.

How We Do It

Through our THREE stage process, Connect | Dream | Empower™ we work along side you to develop a bespoke Living Plan™. This serves as an evolving roadmap for your financial decision making. We also provide you with an Investment Values & Policy Statement, which determines our approach to managing your investments. (View the Model.)

As we guide you through our Whole Wealth System™, including our optional custom coaching, nutritional advice, and physical fitness sessions we help you take care of the biggest asset you’ll ever have…YOU!

Money is a poor single measure of your value as a human.  In order to serve your deepest purpose, we help you develop a healthy relationship with the entirety of your wealth through a profound understanding and activation of your 5 forms of personal capital:

FINANCIAL: Money and investments

HUMAN: Health, career, legacy

SOCIAL: Family and community

MATERIAL: Business, home, real estate

SPIRIT: Connectedness, purpose, meaning

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Our Whole Wealth System™ helps you find peace of mind in your relationship with wealth.


We begin every engagement with a deep personal connection where we come to understand and respect your circumstances, values, and heritage.


Together, we build out a roadmap for how to manage all your types of wealth, and how they serve your purpose, your family, and our collective future.


Our team implements the strategy, invests your assets, reviews scenarios, and provides you with the education, tools, connections, and reports you need.

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Invest With Purpose

It's 5 O'Clock somewhere, do you know where your investments are?

You can do good and do well when investing your money, but it’s not always easy. Our experienced team can provide you with the tools and techniques to ensure that your values are expressed through your investments.  We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to help you through this process.

“Financial capital is one of the most powerful tools that man has created. By becoming more conscious of how we live, earn, and invest our capital, we can more fully express our humanity during this extraordinary time on planet earth.” ~ Lawrence Ford, CEO Conscious Capital