There has to be another way… and there is.

Lawrence Ford, CEO and Founder
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3 reasons why Conscious Capital may be your future destination...

The experts say the industry is changing faster than you can imagine?

Societal shifts in wealth management practices leading toward a new paradigm have been observed by the eminent Boston Consulting Group and we believe their report presents an accurate reflection of the emergent worldview, one in which we share and are well versed in …

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Are you able to keep up with the pace of change?

A 2015 study by Deloitte said that nearly $24 trillion of wealth would be transferred in the U.S. over the following 15 years. These Millennials and Gen z ers are not interested in remaining unconscious about where they work, spend and invest their time and resources – they are demanding to work for and invest in and purchase from companies that look to a triple bottom-line People, Planet, as well as Profit. Can you keep up with the complexity of that demand?

We are already here

The history of Conscious Capital has always been about staying ahead of the curve and combining wealth management with positive global impact.

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Come and Partner with Us...

Heather Desjardins
Chief Experience Officer

“Our advisors aren’t just our advisors, they are family.” ~Heather

All worthy and lasting movements begin and end with an individual. Ask yourself, why did you get into this business in the first place? Are you fulfilling your potential? Financial advisors and the markets are in a powerful position to create lasting change.

    • Catch a breath, we have a unique centralized back-office approach, to be able to take things of your hands so you can focus on what you love. From your technology, compliance, planning, asset management, customer care and operational needs – we’ve got you covered
    • We provide a home where we compete together and not against each other.
    • We are relentlessly independent. What does that mean? We are multi-custodian, open-architecture investment options, as well as proprietary models to provide you with cutting-edge opportunities that make a positive impact. Bottom line, you’re the boss.

We understand these are big decisions, we understand confidentiality and that when you’re considering leaving a role it can be stressful, if something we’ve said feels right, take the first step, and let’s have a chat…

We aren’t just imagining a world where each human being can fulfill their potential, we are creating it daily in collaboration with our advisors and clients. In service of this vision, we actively work with financial advisors and multi-discipline coaches to join our ever-expanding movement… Inspired?.