If you’ve taken the time to delve into our website I’m sure you may have observed the term Live Whole™ mentioned throughout, and there are many aspects to living from this philosophy. Today I wish to highlight one core aspect and that is, health. My outlook is pretty simple, if we help you realize your financial goals and you’re not around to enjoy them, then can you be considered truly wealthy? 

Living Whole is coming to a place where you honour your unique reason for being here, you share that gift with the world and you cherish the human vessel, your wonderfully loyal body that supports you daily to live that purpose. Just think, right now you have 75 trillion cells or so firing in perfect harmony, doing their level best to reverse entropy and keep you as a vibrant human being for your family and communities. From this perspective, what we consume and welcome into our bodies, can become in itself an act of gratitude and self-love.

A healthy diet with this mindset, really goes beyond the rigid thinking of feeling burdened with the responsibility of eating a miserable salad as an act of duty! Instead, you embark on the joyous exploration of preparing wholesome meals enthusiastically, knowing the return on your investment is living long enough to enjoy your wealth and your loved ones.

So why do some experience roadblocks to a nutritious lifestyle? 

As our lives have become more complex so too has our food. Cave men and women could forage for mushrooms and berries and either have their hunger satiated, a belly ache, or even end up dead! I’d say next time they passed that same bush, I’m sure they thought twice about it! Today’s world is far removed from such palaeolithic principles, as we are met with an abundance of food choices. Our species can now indulge in foods typically found otherwise, out of season, when historically, early humans evolved to align their food intake to the characteristics of the season they were living in, (for example eating warmer food in the winter.) 

One level up from this abundance, is also the silent killers of processed food, full of insidious toxins, never mind their accompanying drive-thru windows! The way food is farmed today and dusted with chemicals, if you’re not careful, can be a sure fire auto-pilot route to a destination culminating in a high medical bill, or even worse hospitalization. The stealth nature of this imbalance is all too easy to incur. Take my friend whose awakening came when the air steward had to issue him an extension seat-belt for the aeroplane. There really is no need to wait for such an incident before making the right adjustment…

That’s why I’m so thrilled to offer our Quarterly Optimal Nutrition Program with our Holistic Health Coach Raquel, beginning on the first Monday of each quarter. The first time I hit a cleanse, I was amazed at what happened, the visceral thrill and experience of the toxins leaving my body and the unrivalled clarity of mind and soul I felt upon completion. However, as is the way, there is no gain without a challenge and this is where you need a master like Raquel to guide you through. 

Raquel’s programme is designed to be tailored to the individual, in your personal induction call with Raquel, she will delve into the environmental, ancestral and lifestyle influences that culminate in your current diet today. After your induction, you can join group calls if you wish and Raquel’s door is always open for further support via 1-2-1 sessions. Rest assured that throughout, Raquel will be checking in with you to monitor your progress and offer further tips and motivation.

It will take discipline to break old habits (that in of itself will be a breakthrough achievement) However, eventually those unconscious unhealthy eating patterns you picked up when you were young, can be overcome. What’s more, completing the program will provide you with the gift of endurance, a valuable lesson to apply to other areas of your life.

The unbelievable buzz and clarity of high you get when you make it through, is something that has to be experienced.

Come and join us for the next one, to secure your place please email: HDesjardins@ConsciousWealth.Global 

Register in time to not miss out! I look forward to seeing you there.

Holistic Health Coach
Raquel Aristenes, Holistic Health Coach