The Dignities and Disasters podcast takes a multi-perspectival look at structural issues that affect our society and culture.  In this episode, we take on the weighty issue of wealth, and look at if from many different perspectives, understanding the complexities and paradoxes inherent in living with wealth, and especially trying to do something good, or at least responsible, with it. 

We answer a few potent questions:

  • What is valid in the negative view of wealth?  Why do so many people want to burn the system down?
  • What are the good things that come from the accumulation of wealth?
  • We compare Elon Musk, Charles Eisenstein, Jack Dorsey, and The Lorax. 
  • Is growth bad?
  • How do we relate to wealth inequality?
  • How do we value the wealth of the ecosystem?
  • BONUS: What is Modern Monetary Theory, and does it get us out of this economic mess?

I was incredibly pleased to talk with Robert MacNaughton, a good friend, extraordinary leadership coach, and fellow former organizer of progressive community in Boulder.   Robert and I have dreamed, created, produced and lamented many unique ways to support conscious community.  Deep thanks for the opportunity to talk this through, and especially for letting me run along with a few proper rants.